Why do drummer’s have such a high fertility rate?

Many insist that their sexual partners use the rhythm method.

Catch of the Day

The CEO of the popular chain of seafood restaurants Long John Silvers was recently arrested and booked into the Los Angeles County Jail.

He battered his wife.

Light beer

Q: What’s the worst part about going to a bar with midgets?

A: They tend to drink you under the table.

Chicken of the sea

Q: Why did the aging, Dolphin actor who played “Flipper” entangle himself in a fishing net?

A: His life had no porpoise.

Artificial Intelligence

Did you hear the one about the robot that went on a rampage?

It was charged with battery.

Free throw…

Kobe Bryant recently opened up a chicken restaurant. Unfortunately, it did not stay open for long.

It was shut down by the health department for serving offensive fowls.


Q: Why did Sasquatch wait until he married his Sasquatch bride to engage in sexual intercourse?

A: He wasn’t Yeti!

400 words for snow…

I was dating an Eskimo.

Things were going well, but I lost interest after awhile.

I just wasn’t Inuit.

Free Range

Recently I noticed that a large percentage of the women who work at the Organic/Healthy supermarket that I frequent are pregnant.

This has really made me question the effectiveness of the “Cruelty-Free” condoms that they are currently selling.

Good Vibrations

Did you hear about the jury that is having difficulty prosecuting a man charged with growing the illicit drug marijuana?

It turns out that they are dreadlocked!