Monthly Archive for June, 2006

A little change…

Q: What did the rapper Fifty-Cent say as he was being shot nine times?

A: Ouch, Ouch!, Ouch……Ouch!, Ouch, Ouch, Ouch!!, Ouch, Ouch!!!!!

Knock on Wood

Recently I was going out with a ventriloquist. I had to break it off – that dummy always had to have the final word!


Q: If members of the heavy metal bands Deicide and Morbid Angel get into a fight, who wins?

A: The Devil………..mwahahaha!!

Economic Woes

Radio Shack is on the brink of bankruptcy and have hired a new marketing team to revamp their image. They are changing the name of their stores to “Cell Phone Shanty”. Let’s hope that this move can be financially viable.