Monthly Archive for May, 2006

Politics as usual

Q: Why was Dick Cheney’s wife so suprised about his hunting accident?

A: A doctor assured her that since the operation he only shot blanks!

A bone to pick…

Q: What is the worst thing about dating a forensic pathologist?

A: They tend to have many skeletons in their closet.

Tent City

Q: What do Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the Hare Krishnas have in common?

A: They both share a fondness for pink underwear.

Drinking Cafe Mochas….

I recently moved back from Los Angeles where I was working as a personal assistant to Henry Rollins. It was the first job I was ever fired from. His reasons for dismissing me? He told me that I was a liar and had a low self opinion man.

Due to popular demand…

Dating is difficult, I recently got out of a relationship with a mathemetician. She broke it off with me, she told me that I was no longer part of the equation.

I was dating a zookeeper, that didn’t work out at all, I felt caged in.

I also dated a puppeteer, she broke it off due to my inability to express my feelings and my fear of commitment.

Geographically Specific Humor

Q: What do Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the rapper Sir Mix-A-Lot have in common?

A: Their posses are both on Broadway!