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Take flight

I was dating an Ornithologist.

We only communicated by Twitter.

Cruelty to Animals

I was dating a vegan.

She got pissed when I called her “honey”.

Lobster Claw

I was dating a woman who worked at Red Lobster

Things didn’t work out.

I could not get past the fact that she had clammy hands.

Lower forms of life

I was dating an Invertebrate Zoologist.

She said that I was spineless.

400 words for snow…

I was dating an Eskimo.

Things were going well, but I lost interest after awhile.

I just wasn’t Inuit.

Dating Humor Continued…

I was dating a Calculus professor from ASU.

She found my joke’s derivative.

Dating in the static age…

Q: What’s the hardest part about dating a HAM radio operator?

A: They tend to send mixed signals.

Knock on Wood

Recently I was going out with a ventriloquist. I had to break it off – that dummy always had to have the final word!

Due to popular demand…

Dating is difficult, I recently got out of a relationship with a mathemetician. She broke it off with me, she told me that I was no longer part of the equation.

I was dating a zookeeper, that didn’t work out at all, I felt caged in.

I also dated a puppeteer, she broke it off due to my inability to express my feelings and my fear of commitment.